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ELK Marketing delivers real-world marketing solutions to businesses large and small. Our strapline - 'Creative hearts, business heads' - underpins everything we do. We have creative hearts - and enjoy creating logos, websites and print design. But marketing isn't just about looking pretty, it's also about bottom-line results. So we have business heads as well - we want to design marketing solutions which achieve real results for you and your business.

You may be a startup up business wanting graphic design and branding. We have many years' experience designing logos, brochures, leaflets and stationery. We can also design and program an engaging website to gain you more business. Alternatively, you are an existing business which wishes to grow. We can help you put together a marketing strategy which delivers. We have a growing business to business telemarketing department and this, coupled with our direct mail and social media expertise, will help you to generate new customers.

Our other area of expertise is eLearning. We have designed and continue to manage elearning websites for global businesses. Please take a look at our portfolio or contact us for a chat. We're happy to talk through your requirements over a coffee, and if you're good we'll even offer you a biscuit.
Graphic Design

Let us design you a logo, design and print stationery, brochures and leaflets, or design digital graphics for use online.
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Let us generate new B2B sales leads and administer your business development process.
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Let us design a mobile-friendly website to generate you more business or an eLearning system to train others online.
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Social Media

Let us help you communicate with your audience using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube.
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Let us help you plan your strategic marketing goals, identify new markets and develop engaging campaigns.
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Let us create an engaging elearning website to train your staff, suppliers and clients.
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Let us create high quality photographs to complement your marketing materials and enhance your brand.
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Let us create you a stunning video to enhance your company image.
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About Us

We’re a marketing agency based in Beverley, East Yorkshire (near Kingston upon Hull).
We have clients across England and Scotland, as well as America, Europe and Africa. We have even been known to do work in Japanese and Thai!
Honesty and integrity are key to how we work with people

We like to think we’re nice people, but we’re not afraid to speak our minds and tell it how it is. We have half a dozen good ideas before our mid-morning coffee break, but we're realistic enough to know that what matters isn't just the idea, but the implementation and the follow through.

Honesty and integrity are key to how we work with people, but at the same time we think it’s important to have a bit of fun along the way.

We have oodles of experience (not to say quite a few qualifications), but never stop learning and remain open minded to new ways of doing things.

  • Why ELK?

    It's not an acronym, we just like animals with antlers.

  • ELK Fact No1

    The scientific name for ELK is Cervus canadensis.

  • ELK fact no 2

    ELK's typically live for 10-13 years in the wild. We aim to live longer.

  • ELK fact no 3

    Adult males weigh 320–330 kg. We promise we are slimmer.


We are small but perfectly formed. We value creativity, but what really drives us is delivering bottom line results for our clients. Years of experience working with SMEs has taught us that marketing activity should have a return on investment. Go on, give us a call (you know you want to).
Eric Hartley
Eric has over 25 years’ experience working in SMEs in the UK and abroad, in sales and marketing, product and management development.
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Lindsay Hartley
Lindsay is CIM qualified but previously worked for two of the big four accountancy firms, so she always views marketing from the bottom line.
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Polly Cutting
Assistant Manager
Polly possesses the rare ability to get through gatekeepers, receptionists and secretaries in order to generate appointments for our clients.
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Caroline Stewart
Bookkeeping & Telemarketing
Caroline has as great eye for detail (always useful when you are doing the accounts!) as well as being a natural on the phone.
Leif is our Icelandic intern. He says he’d like to discover North America, but in fact spends most of his time just drinking coffee.
Meet & Greet
Oscar is our resident office dog. He just loves people and will always be pleased to see you. (We did try him in the graphic design department, but he kept eating his work). Sit, Oscar!


Some examples of the different types of work we do. Click here for a larger portfolio.

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