10 Steps to Successful Marketing: Step 7 – Choose a promotional mix

Biplane aircraft pulling advertisement banner

Biplane aircraft pulling advertisement banner

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘horses for courses’. Not being an afficionado of horse racing, I can’t give any advice on tips, and I wouldn’t know the difference between ‘good’ and ‘firm’ if it came up and hit me in the face. But the saying does hold true for marketing – where and how you promote your business depends very much on your product and your target market.

A client asked me recently if I advised advertising in a glossy magazine which is freely distributed to ABC1 households in our area. If he had been a bespoke kitchen designer, or a car dealership even, it might have been appropriate. But his target market were professionals in the building industry. Whilst some of them might have been reading this magazine, that wouldn’t have been an efficient way of targetting them. Much better to have coverage in lower-circulation but specialist publications and websites which building professionals would read.

Sometimes it is also a case that no one channel will be sufficient to raise the profile of a business – having a mix of channels so that the target market comes into contact with your brand in a multiplicity of ways could make a massive difference. They might ignore the print advert, the radio advert or the leaflet through the door on their own, but put together they can produce a result far greater than the sum of the parts.

Of course small businesses don’t have massive budgets to throw at advertising, unlike McDonalds or Vodafone say. Although building brand awareness alone is justifiable where the budget is there, an SME requires a return on its investment – ie sales – to be able to continue a promotional campaign.

So what mix of media is right to market your business? At ELK we have creative hearts (so we love to come up with ideas), but we maintain our business heads (because the bottom line is that there needs to be a bottom line). Call us for a free consultation!