5 surprising tricks to using video in Facebook advertising

Video repeatedly gets better engagement statistics in Facebook than text or photos – check out your own Insights on your Facebook business page to see if this is true for you.  Facebook has been working hard behind the scenes to encourage people to use and engage with video – videos now run automatically, whether you want them to or not (so irritating if you are checking your Facebook feed covertly and the video springs noisily into life.  Thanks Facebook).  Se some more eye-popping stats on video on Facebook here: https://blog.hootsuite.com/video-social-media-trend-2016/

So where are your tricks?

  1. You don’t have to be an expert video maker to produce a video that will look great on Facebook.  You just need 3- 7 photos and Facebook will make it into a video slideshow for you.  Here’s one we prepared earlier.
  2. If you want to want to post a video and then boost the post/advertise it, Facebook will CHOOSE the thumbnail it displays for you, by some cunning algorithm probably your least favourite, least relevant screen from the whole video.  You can CHOOSE your thumbnail by inserting your video into your advert, rather than making your advert from your post (that will make sense if you actually do it).  You then get the option to select a custom thumbnail.  All previous edit options for this in Facebook video seem to have disappeared into that great wastebin in the sky where everything you knew and loved about Facebook seems to disappear on a regular basis. (This is only true today 7July 2016.  They will have changed it tomorrow)
  3. There is now a “Get video views” in the advertising options – pick that one.
  4. You can create a pixel to put into your website (I know, I know, this is more about advertising than video, but hey, I thought I’d slip it in here) to track who visits from Facebook.
  5. If you want your video to appear on Instagram as well as Facebook (because you know who owns Instagram), it needs to be less than 60 seconds.  60 minutes for Facebook!

So go forth and video…