A ‘nice’ company!

We’ve really enjoyed creating a new brand, website and supporting materials for Simpatico Communications.

After competing a branding wheel exercise, we identified one of the key words to describe their brand – ‘nice’. Some people might think this is an insipid word, but we often refer to people as ‘nice’ and mean something 100% positive: honesty, integrity, fairness, openess, etc.

We initially struggled with incorporating this into a company name until we hit on the name Simpatico – which is Italian for nice or sympathetic, and which includes the word ‘sim’ which was ideal for a mobile phone provider! The logo incorporates the name, the concept of a mobile signal and, in the middle of the signal, a hidden ‘S’ for Simpatico.

We also developed some characters to match the company’s directors – fun, approachable cartoons which underlined the company’s culture. Coupled with a website, a folding phone-shaped leaflet and banner stands, Simpatico now has a consistent brand message. We are also managing their social media and an ongoing telemarketing campaign.