Advertising to the emotion

We recently did a series of small print adverts for a professional will writer. The challenges of this were:

  • the adverts were very small, so copy needed to be kept to a minimum
  • the adverts would appear in a local print magazine surrounded by other adverts, so they needed to catch the reader’s attention immediately
  • will writing isn’t an ‘exciting’ purchase – but it’s very necessary so we needed to highlight reasons why somebody should have a will or modify an existing one.

All the best adverts play on the reader’s emotional reaction – although many of us would like to deny it, we make many of our buying decision based on emotion rather than rational and considered thought. So the adverts led with attractive pictures of children with short messages:

aps ad 1 aps ad 2 aps ad 3

If you have an advert which you would like to be designed (or if you’d like a personal introduction to Jenny to have a will consultation) then please do get in touch.