Why employ a wordpress expert?

WordPress is one of the most powerful pieces of website software out there. It’s incredibly powerful and easy to use. So why would you need to employ a wordpress expert? If you want your website and blog to look like everybody else’s, then you probably don’t! There are some inbuilt themes to make your layout[…]

You ARE what you show

A logo is the visual representation of a company. Often your logo is the first thing a potential customer sees and is your first chance to make an impression: to convey a message about your company and all it reprsents. As a graphic designer, it is somethimes hard to switch off from work. We are[…]

Use Your Heart

You will hear us (that is, us here at ELK Marketing) talk about “a connection” or a “human connection” or an “emotional connection” frequently. What do we mean by this? To clarify, let’s look at a very brief history of business and marketing:- Back in ancient times (i.e. before the internet) business was conducted person[…]

The importance of good syntax

If you’ve ever read the book ‘Eats shoots and leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation’, you’ll appreciate the need for putting commas in their correct places. You’ll understand the value of a well-placed apostrophe. Language can be a minefield of ambiguity, and the misuse of punctuation – deliberate or accidental – can lead to[…]