A ‘nice’ company!

We’ve really enjoyed creating a new brand, website and supporting materials for Simpatico Communications. After competing a branding wheel exercise, we identified one of the key words to describe their brand – ‘nice’. Some people might think this is an insipid word, but we often refer to people as ‘nice’ and mean something 100% positive:[…]

Advertising to the emotion

We recently did a series of small print adverts for a professional will writer. The challenges of this were: the adverts were very small, so copy needed to be kept to a minimum the adverts would appear in a local print magazine surrounded by other adverts, so they needed to catch the reader’s attention immediately[…]

The accountant’s newsletter of doom

When is a good accountant’s newsletter a bad newsletter? A good accountant’s newsletter should be brilliantly informative for letting existing clients and prospects know about tax tips, forthcoming changes, reminders about deadlines, insights into the small print of the budget, interesting things you are doing and just generally letting them know how brilliant and professional[…]