A ‘nice’ company!

We’ve really enjoyed creating a new brand, website and supporting materials for Simpatico Communications. After competing a branding wheel exercise, we identified one of the key words to describe their brand – ‘nice’. Some people might think this is an insipid word, but we often refer to people as ‘nice’ and mean something 100% positive:[…]

mulberry logos - colour variations (pastels)

Mulberry Residential

We’ve recently completed a brand identity for a new estate agency, Mulberry Residential. Logo development can often be a fraught process when a group of people are involved with differing opinions as to what works and doesn’t work! Thankfully this was a more straightforward process – the colour was a relatively simple choice (we looked[…]

Looking back to WWI

We’ve done a number of book covers in the past for Harry Clacy, a local author who has branched out in a number of different military topics after starting with his own army service memoirs. This is his most recent publication – edited diaries from WWI. We used some of the classic WW1 recruitment posters[…]

Advertising to the emotion

We recently did a series of small print adverts for a professional will writer. The challenges of this were: the adverts were very small, so copy needed to be kept to a minimum the adverts would appear in a local print magazine surrounded by other adverts, so they needed to catch the reader’s attention immediately[…]

Graphical challenges

Sometimes a client wants a graphical representation of what they do, a visual representation of one of their processes. This sometimes throws up two issues: how to make a complex process graphical without resorting to a myriad of flow charts, arrows and confusing asterisks explaining what the graphic means. If the graphic is littered with[…]

You ARE what you show

A logo is the visual representation of a company. Often your logo is the first thing a potential customer sees and is your first chance to make an impression: to convey a message about your company and all it reprsents. As a graphic designer, it is somethimes hard to switch off from work. We are[…]