A ‘nice’ company!

We’ve really enjoyed creating a new brand, website and supporting materials for Simpatico Communications. After competing a branding wheel exercise, we identified one of the key words to describe their brand – ‘nice’. Some people might think this is an insipid word, but we often refer to people as ‘nice’ and mean something 100% positive:[…]


Elearning system for Hyundai UK

We have many years experience of developing elearning system using Moodle open source elearning software. We’ve just completed Phase 1 of a system to help develop Hyundai UK’s managers in the dealerships across the UK. Managers go to the portal to complete self-assessment exercises, complete activities as part of their face to face training programme,[…]

What makes for a well designed website?

If you asked ten different people to list the five most important elements of a well designed website, you’d probably get ten different answers. My five would be: It needs to take account of your target market & drive engagement. It needs to take account of your target market & drive engagement. It needs to[…]

Why employ a wordpress expert?

WordPress is one of the most powerful pieces of website software out there. It’s incredibly powerful and easy to use. So why would you need to employ a wordpress expert? If you want your website and blog to look like everybody else’s, then you probably don’t! There are some inbuilt themes to make your layout[…]

The importance of good syntax

If you’ve ever read the book ‘Eats shoots and leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation’, you’ll appreciate the need for putting commas in their correct places. You’ll understand the value of a well-placed apostrophe. Language can be a minefield of ambiguity, and the misuse of punctuation – deliberate or accidental – can lead to[…]