Food photos are a social phenomenon!

plate foodUnless you have spent the last couple of years living in a cave, I’m sure you will have noticed the craze across multiple social media platforms for sharing images of food. This is especially true in the cases of instgram and pinterest. This is great news for anyone who owns or runs a restaurant, cafe, bar or catering business.

Pinterest is a great place to curate a collection of photos that customers can reference when exploring your business online. You can post pictures of dishes, cocktails, parties, event spaces – everything from the chef at work to the seasonal produce that arrives at your kitchen – and fans can re-post them to their own accounts. Instagram, on the other hand, is a much more dynamic social networking channel that provides diners a mobile app on which they can post quick, creative photos of their favorite dishes, cocktails, wines – or even themselves having a great time at your restaurant. It also provides the restaurant with a much more immediate, informal and socially connected, way to post and share photos.

So how does this exactly help your business? A great way of getting massive social reach would be to have some professional images taken of the food and drink you serve in your business (looking suitably divine) and upload them to an instagram and pinterest account. Watermarked with your business web address, if the image of the food looks mouth-wateringly beautiful enough you could have a viral reach on a massive scale, as the photo is shared by multiple users.

Couple this with good graphic design and marketing within your premises itself and the reach could spread even further. For example, you could encouarge your customers to take photos of their meal and upload them to their own social media accounts with a specific hashtag. This acts almost as a visual recommendation, letting the customers network of friends and family know they have visited your bar or restaurant or eaten your produce.

Most people are visual, photography will mean more to them than a review or a write-up, so it’s worth considering investing in profesiional commercial images, especially if you are in the food or drink business.

Why not talk to ELK about commercial food photography, social media and marketing strategies to make your business look delicious?