Graphical challenges

PI 7 logo - somall rgbSometimes a client wants a graphical representation of what they do, a visual representation of one of their processes. This sometimes throws up two issues:

  • how to make a complex process graphical without resorting to a myriad of flow charts, arrows and confusing asterisks explaining what the graphic means. If the graphic is littered with explanations, then it isn’t doing its job;
  • how to avoid using too many familiar and thus potentially hackneyed concepts (arrows again, plus handshakes to represent partnership, dollar signs to represent money, etc).

Our client The Blue Water Partnership developed a structure called ‘Positive Impact 7’ to describe one of their leadership and management processes, and asked us to produce a logo plus a graphic representing the process. The 7 steps are represented by seven coloured dots making up the number seven.

We then used those colours across the graphic below:

PI7 Infographic - small


If you have any infographics you’d like us produce, then please contact us!