Moodle E-Learning Developers

Moodle elearningIf you are looking for an elearning developer with experience in setting up and managing Moodle-based learning management systems then please contact ELK Marketing for a chat! We are based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK and work principally with clients in the UK but also but have also worked in the USA.

If you are thinking about how to train your staff, your suppliers or your customers in a cost-effective way, then a virtual learning environment is something well worth considering. Elearning allows people to access courses wherever they are – on their desktop computers, tablet or mobile – 24 hours a day.

At ELK we have extensive knowledge of Moodle and e-learning. We love Moodle because it is incredibly powerful as well as being open source. This means that we can modify or add to it as much as we like and therefore tailor it to our clients’ requirements. We work with small companies and large multinationals to put together eye-catching, user-friendly e-learning systems. Our largest elearning system operates in 9 languages and has over 5,000 users.

As well as setting up the system for you, our developers can design the interface in such a way that it is easy and enjoyable for people to use. We can help you to create content – words, pictures, audio video – and advise on how best to test students. This may include tests like multiple choice quizzes (which have the advantage of being marked automatically), or you may wish to have students upload work where you can then comment and mark it online.

Contact us now for a no-obligation chat about elearning – we’d be delighted to find out more about your business!