Social Media

social mediaDo you remember when people used to get to know each other and chat over a cup of coffee? These days the alternatives are staggering – your business can tweet, post on Facebook, or you can grow your network on LinkedIn, to name but a few of the many social media options out there.

Let us help you navigate this new world: we can advise on an appropriate ‘tone of voice’ for each medium, set up pages and even keep them regularly updated if you don’t have the time.

Over half of the UK has a Facebook account. For many businesses, especially those with a consumer focus, Facebook can be a very cost effective way of keeping in contact with customers, understanding their needs, their grievances, and keeping your ‘finger on the pulse’. Personal experiences and recommendations can be very powerful, and a Facebook strategy should be part of this. Facebook also offers a very cost-effective, targeted form of advertising. Visit our page and let’s be friends.

It’s amazing to to think how new a medium Twitter is, as it seems to have become ubiquitous in so many walks of life. What marketing campaign isn’t complete these days without a hashtag? As well as being central to consumer marketing campaigns, Twitter is a surprisingly powerful tool for business to business marketing. Talk to us if you want to tweet but don’t know how!

Video often has a significantly higher engagement rate than text or images, and with Google owning Youtube then it’s inevitable that video results appear prominently in a Google search. Do you have a Youtube strategy? In what way can you use video to engage with your target market? We have experience of filming, editing and placing video online, so talk to us if you think your business needs a Hollywood touch.

Your LinkedIn page is your online CV, so it’s important that you appear professional, approachable and come across as an expert in your field. LinkedIn can be an incredible source of business, as well as a useful place to research markets, prospects and even competitors. If you’re not using your account to its full potential, talk to us!