Telemarketing Agency (business to business)

business to business telemarketing in the UK

If you are looking for a telemarketing agency then please give ELK a call! We specialise in business to business (B2B) telemarketing, generating sales leads and setting appointments for you. We are based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and work with clients across the UK.

When we are appointment setting, the critical thing for you is to have the right quality of lead, as well as the quantity. So we only call people in your target market (for example based on their turnover, number of employees, sector and location). And when we have made an appointment for you we research both the organisation and the person further where possible to give you the best head start to be able to convert the lead into a sale.

We usually provide the data for you and we can fine tune that to your target market. At the end, the annotated data is yours to keep and gives a clear report of your return on investment.

At the beginning of your campaign we spend some time developing the best pitch to get your message through.

We have worked with all sorts of businesses and organisations. The critical thing is that we work with you to learn about your products and services and use that detailed knowledge so that we become an integral part of your team. Whoever you would like us to talk to, we’re happy to speak with them, from the highest level CEO’s to small local businesses and SME’s.

If you’d like to generate some leads and improve sales and would like to give telemarketing a try, call us on 01482 860 244 and ask for Lindsay.