WordPress website design and development

websitesDoes your website do all it should be doing? Does it portray the right image to your customers? Is the content fresh and up to date? These are questions which you should regularly ask yourself, as a website which was right two years ago may not be so now. WordPress websites allow you to easily update content, change the look and feel and extend your website with additional functionality – that’s why we’ve increasingly moved to WordPress as a content management solution. It’s powerful, it’s flexible and it’s open source. We love it.

WordPress is pretty easy to use, but sometimes you’ll need a WordPress developer or designer to help you to make your theme brand-compliant, or to custom design layouts so that your information comes across as well as possible. We work with clients throughout the UK, but if you’re based in Hull and East Yorkshire then why not give us a call and arrange to pop in and see us?

Does your website look right on different devices? Over 50% of web visits are now from mobile devices – phones and tablets – so it’s critical that the information in your site can still be accessed and easily read on a small screen. Even if your market is primarily business to business, many business people are on the move and use short periods of down time – in the train, or between meetings – to search on their phones. So making your website mobile friendly is just another reason why you might want to talk to a WordPress web designer.

Talk to us about your online marketing strategy – not just websites, but email marketing, online advertising and social media.

We’re also specialists in virtual learning (eLearning), so if you need a dynamic and scalable way to educate your customers or employees, then you should be talking to us.