What have the Romans ever done for us?

green retro telephone isolatedWe had a bit of a “what have the Romans ever done for us” moment in the telemarketing department the other day. We were doing a bit of script development (Polly says it is just role play, but script development has the miasma of science about it). We like script development. We practise what we will say to potential customers (customers of our clients that is), then try to anticipate what questions they will have or what objections they might have, and how we will close the sale or get the appointment. Anyway, I have a moment and say “There isn’t much to this telemarketing is there? You just have to pick up the phone.” Tumbleweed moment. Cogs whirr. “Yes, yes. But you do have to have worked out a good script, or it really doesn’t work at all.” Silence. “And you do need good data, obviously, because if it is rubbish data, it doesn’t work.” Another moment of contemplative silence. “And it does need to be properly targeted data, doesn’t it? You, know, segmented, right size, right number of employees, right place, that sort of thing.” Another (rather rare in telemarketing) quiet moment. “And actually you do need to be quite good at it, like us. And not mind if people say no.” But apart from that, no, nothing really to it except pick up the phone, and the Romans as usual have contributed nothing.*

(*A good headset can help too.)