What is a full service marketing agency?

full service marketing agency

The world of marketing is full of terminology, buzzwords and acronyms. One which you’ll no doubt come across is ‘full service marketing agency’. You may also come across the term ‘integrated marketing agency’ although this is less common in the UK. What does this mean?

Simply put, a full service marketing agency has the capability to handle all aspects of the marketing process. How different marketing agencies define this process, however, often depends on what services they themselves are able to provide! Naturally very large marketing agencies with multiple offices (and prices to match) will offer a broader range of services than somebody operating out of their back bedroom.

At ELK Marketing we cover a full range of services which cover most of the needs of the typical UK SME. Ideally it is an iterative process – having reached the final stage, this then informs the re-framing of stage one, and then the process begins once again. Key steps in our approach to marketing are:

  1. Business strategy planning – this is where we focus on the overall requirements of your business and get to understand what makes your business tick. During this stage we may use coaching models such as GROW, or more marketing-focussed models such as the Ansoff Matrix or the 4Ps / 4Cs. At the end of this stage we should have a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be.
  2. Marketing strategy planning – based on where you want your business grow, we identify the most profitable target markets, analyse and discuss potential promotional channels, and estimate a return on investment for each activity.
  3. Implementation – putting the plan into practice. What we do depends on what we have identified is the most cost-effective route to promoting your product or service. For some people we may focus on direct mail or telemarketing; for others, investment in social media might be more appropriate.
  4. Review & measurement – Questions we will ask are: did it work? Is the activity paying for itself? What have we learnt that could better inform the next stage of our activity.

If you’d like to discuss this through in more detail, and find out how we can help your business grow, then please contact us.