You ARE what you show

elk logoA logo is the visual representation of a company. Often your logo is the first thing a potential customer sees and is your first chance to make an impression: to convey a message about your company and all it reprsents.

As a graphic designer, it is somethimes hard to switch off from work. We are surrounded constantly by logos, branding and marketing messages in our daily lives: some good, some bad, some downright wrong. I’m very passionate about seeing companies are branded correctly, to see them represented in the best and most appropriate way.

On a recent trip to Glasgow (for pleasure, not work, I might add) a particular bar I visited had a logo that made my blood boil.

You see, your logo communicates something about your company. Sometimes direct, and sometimes subtle, but every logo says SOMETHING, both on a conscious and sub conscious level. This particular logo was essentially 2 mismatched fonts, joined together badly so there was a visible ‘lump’ on the join. The fonts weren’t the problem, but that ‘lump’ was.

With logos and branding, you ARE what you show. A lumpy, pixelated, or badly drawn logo in many ways is worse than the wrong logo drawn well. To spell it out, on a sub-concious level, anyone looking at a badly drawn logo could well jump to the conclusion that your company is also badly organised, perhaps even unprofessional or sloppy.

You only have one chance at making a first impression, so it’s well worth asking for some opinions on your current logo and branding, and of course seeking professional help from a reliable graphic design/marketing company if you can. What does your logo say about your company? Classy? Trustworthy? Serious? or Unprofessional? Sloppy? Outdated?